MKOK album art vinyl front

Our sophomore, full-length album “Beautiful Little Fools” is now available for download!

‘Pay What you Want’ on Bandcamp:

For a set fee of $9.90 ($0.99 per song), head to iTunes:

MKOK was stamped into existence in June of 2012, leaving their mark on the regulars of Kelowna’s intimate music scene. Sharing the same home town of Bowmanville Ontario, each member moved to Kelowna BC at different times, for different reasons, but were brought together by the creative force of Music. Drawing influences from various genres and styles, the band defines their sound as “folk-rock/reggae”.

Since releasing their debut album “Sweet, Wild Life” on August 3rd, 2013 they have toured to Toronto, Ontario and back (to Kelowna) multiple times, opening for bands such as Blue Rodeo, Illscarlett, Spirit of the West and Barney Bentall. My Kind of Karma has performed alongside other notable acts such as: Jon and Roy, Paperboy and the Messengers, Jory Kinjo, The Dudes, Blue King Brown, Bestie, and more.

My Kind of Karma released their sophomore full-length album “Beautiful Little Fools” on August 27th (see links above). The album was recorded at Music City Studio in Kelowna, BC with owner Mike Pedersen (engineer/co-producer for “Sweet, Wild Life”) and mastered by Pete Lyman of Infrasonic Sounds in L.A., California.

(From left to right in photo below)
James Hockin: Bass, Vocals
Garrett Scatterty: Guitar, Vocals
Isaac Balson: Ukulele/Banjo, Vocals
Taylor Gross: Drums, Vocals

March 2016 Profile Pic